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Remote Presence is a podcast featuring commentary and insight regarding Infinity The Game and the Infinity Tournament System, as well as the local growing Twin Cities and Midwest Meta.
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Dec 28, 2016

Welcome back to Remote Presence: An Infinity Podcast!

Today we start by talking about the new releases for December and January and move into a conversation about dedicated ARO pieces and board control.

We read some listener emails about transitioning away from Ariadna to one of the more "high tech" factions as well as one on the topic of model proxies in ITS.

We also give some information on Twinfinity 2017 Registration, which is coming up in just FIVE DAYS!  SO MUCH EXCITE!!!



Dec 12, 2016

Here's a short outtake recorded towards the end of Episode 18 wherein we gripe about the holidays.

Don't worry, we also talk about a game.  It just so happens, that game is not Infinity!  It's Zombicide!

Seriously though, if you haven't checked Zombicide out, go do so.  It's pretty damned rocking fun.

Dec 12, 2016

Ok, I was drawing a blank on naming this episode.  Sorry for that!

In this offering, we discuss a few things:

  • Our somewhat "disjointed" last episode(even though it didn't seem to bother anyone else, it bothered us!)
  • The eternal topic of "Expensive and Survivable" versus "More dudes"
  • Lack of Buzz/Buzz around AP Rifles/Breaker Weapons and BTS.
  • The Renegade Open 2016 ITS Tournament

I'm keeping this description fairly bare bones today, because I also have a short After Hours episode to release right after this.  

As always, we hope that you enjoy this slightly shorter episode.  We will be trying to get one more in right before the Holidays, but if that does not work out we will be right back with you immediately following New Years in early January!



Nov 22, 2016

Hey all!  Don't be a...

This time around we spend some time elaborating on what we went into last week, because BOY OH BOY DID WE GET SOME FEEDBACK ON IT! ;)

A lot of it was due to either misunderstanding our message, or us not conveying it as well as we should.  A lot of the misunderstandings came as a result of what we feel is "baggage" from other games and play environments.  It lead to some great chats with listeners on the subject of "being competitive" so we wanted to spend a little more time elaborating on what we think that is: putting your best foot forward in giving your opponent a good game, while still trying to win the game and not being a dick while doing it.

That is kind of a mouthful, but it sums it up about the best way I can think.  In doing this, we kind of re-affirm the purpose of our podcast, and what it means to us as podcasters.

We talk a little about winding down our Escalation league, and about Community building a little.

We also go into the concept of "Rules that win you games" and while I won't go into that here(you'll have to listen!) we focus in on some rather neat rules and gear that we consider to be very valuable in helping to tip the tide in your favor while playing games.

We touch on the "Rambo Style" of play that many are fond of and offer some tips and tricks for making this playstyle work in a world of ITS missions and button pushing.

Finally we cover a great listener email from Bryan who asks us questions on ARO Lanes, starting a new Escalation league, some Haqq specific unit questions, and finally about painting tools.



Oct 27, 2016

Peaking.  Not many of us actively think about it in regards to gaming, but it's definitely "a thing that happens" based on conversations that we have with gamers all over.

Joel returns to us to discuss the topic of Peaking in game, and finding interesting ways to get around it, and to stay fresh and on top of your ITS gameplay.

In addition to this topic, we talk some more as a group about The Iowa Incident as well, and about our upcoming ITS Satellite Event: Twinfinity 2017.



Oct 18, 2016

WARNING: Unconsciousness Level 2(previously known as After Hours) is Explicit!  We drink, we swear, and we drink again.  It is not family safe, is not work safe, but does tend to get a little funny.  This episode is fairly light though, but I made a promise to include a disclaimer, and I'm keeping that promise!  Also, there's no editing.  Don't complain, we were in a giant room full of people and there were five of us!

It doesn't happen often, but every once and awhile Sean gets a little crazy and packs up all of the podcast gear into a nice cozy container and brings it to an event.

This time around, he brought it to The Iowa Incident Mk3 and we recorded a fine vintage rounding out at just under two hours of your life that you will frankly never get back.

Joining Sean at the table were the following fine folks:

  • Will Thompson, Iowa Warcor and Iowa Incident TO
  • Jeremy Kinser, Iowa Warcor and Iowa Incident TO
  • James Chauvaux, Indianapolis Warcor
  • Chad Nicholson, Indianapolis Warcor

It was great to have time to hang out with these wonderful guys again, all of whom I had met and become friends with during my trip to GenCon!

Our topics range from talking about our first day at the Iowa Incident itself, to Will and Jeremy's thoughts on going from a 14 person Mk2 to a 34 person Mk3.  We talk about the community and game in general, and painting, and I don't even remember what else.

It was great to be able to capture a wonderful conversation with these four awesome guys.  We hope that you enjoy it!



Oct 14, 2016

Well, I didn't think that we would actually do this, but we did.  We crammed five guys into my home office and recorded a podcast episode.

Today we had both Sean and Greg, who were joined by Tor, Jamie, and Brian.

It started with Sean totally messing up the intro song.  Also, because we had five people with us we had to break out some of the less-good microphones.  As such, Tor and Brian might be a little quiet from time to time, and I apologize for that.  After this, we will be returning to our usual 3-person format!

I'm not going to list out a timing breakdown, because frankly, it'll take me time to do that and I am leaving for Iowa Incident very soon and would like to get this published before I leave.

We discuss a few topics:

  • Upcoming new releases
  • The new Limited Insertion optional ITS rule
  • Our local event, "The TERRAINIMENT" and what everyone played
  • Dropping out of games
  • Some of our favorite "tricks" in Infinity



Aug 26, 2016

Welcome to our GenCon EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Sean made the very perilous trek from The Wall out to GenCon 2016, and spent his weekend running demo games, meeting people, talking to everyone, and doing a fair bit of drinking because, well, no family!

We did not get into the FAQ this episode, so we will be sure to cover it in the next one!  There was just too much to discuss tonight!

There will not be any timestamps for this episode, instead here is a rundown of what we discuss, in the order in which they are discussed:

  • August Releases
  • September Releases
  • Seminar Coverage
    • Company Information CB shared with us
    • Infinity RPG Art
    • Angel Giraldez Masterclass Vol. 2
    • segment
    • Infinity Manga Art
    • "10 Ideas that Corvus Belli would like to do"
    • Dossiers and Renders of upcoming models beyond September
    • QA Session
  • Sean gives a quick rundown of his first GenCon experience
  • Let's plug Studio Ultramega
  • Quick rundown of Midwest Infinity Events




Jul 25, 2016

This short After Hours clip was cut out of Episode 12.

Part way through the episode Joel launched into a rant about game and miniature pricing where it relates to the manufacturer of "another game system".  

Note that while you're reading this, you probably think it's going to be a massive hatefest on said game system, but in true Remote Presence spirit: it is not.  I think that we do a pretty good job of keeping the discussion from being a bash-a-thon and we even get into just how spoiled we are today when it comes to miniature gaming.

We live in a golden age, let us not forget that.

Jul 18, 2016

Red Veil!  Red Veil!  Red Veil!

It's all anyone wants to talk about, and with pretty good reason.  It's a killer release, with some absurdly good models, and like its predecessor Operation: Icestorm presents an immense value for both new and veteran players alike.

Sean has a pre-release copy of it on his desk thanks to the amazing Warcors program, and we sit down for a night of discussion about the models and units.  Of course, we don't forget about the other contents of the box, but lets face it: we all really care about the models and units!

We also take some time to discuss what information we currently have on the upcoming Dire Foes releases, as well as the other pair of GenCon releases: the GenCon Exclusive Unknown Ranger and the pre-release of Miyamoto Mushashi.

Greg and Sean provide an update on the first round of the Twin Cities Summer Escalation League, and we get to talking about a trio of listener emails on the subjects of Umbra Samaritan Haris Fireteams, looking at a 200 point listener Haqqislam list, and finally talking briefly about TAGs and specifically Teutonic Knights.

Finally, we pimp a few events that we will either be attending, or are involved in!


  • 00:01:09 - Intros
  • 00:04:04 - GenCon release discussion(Unknown Ranger, Mushashi, Red Veil)
  • 01:23:20 - We basically talk about those GenCon releases for the better part of 90 minutes, so enjoy that.
  • 01:23:21 - New Dire Foes discussion
  • 01:48:38 - Twin Cities summer escalation league update
  • 02:14:52 - Breaktime!
  • 02:16:30 - Listener Emails
  • 02:59:11 - Sean plugs some upcoming events




Jul 1, 2016

Aaaaaaand we're back!  Back in Orange!  Or at least Sean is.  Kind of.

I know that we've been away for awhile now, and I do sincerely apologize for this transgression!  But today we have Sean, Joel, and Greg back again to talk about a number of topics and to hopefully fulfill the need in your life for another Infinity Podcast.

Today we start by talking about some of the new releases and teaser images that CB has been throwing us on the internet.  We move into a conversation about getting started with Vanilla Yu Jing and talk about how we approach building a table to play Infinity on!  We take a listener voicemail from none other than the illustrious Rodge of WaaaghPaca which leads into a discussion on combat groups, order count, and distribution of orders among combat groups.

I normally hate to publish on Fridays but I really wanted to get this out to you today.  Also in the interests of being lazy, I'm forgoing the normal timestamps because I kind of forgot to note them down during the editing process.  Sorry, but I'm sure you'll still enjoy this shit.  For realz.



May 26, 2016

Three words: Onyx Contact Force

So with todays offering, we tried to do sort of a "mixed bag" type discussion, with Joel bouncing random topics off of us and little to no actual organization.  For the most part I feel pretty good about how it went, but one thing jumped out at me while editing: the conversation always seemed to come back to Combined Army and their new Onyx Contact Force.  

So if you're interested in this hot new Sectorial army, this might just be the episode for you!  The thoughts on it are a little disjointed throughout the episode but it comes up quite a bit.  I'd still love for us to do a more organized, coherent segment on the Sectorial(and we probably will) but for now, please enjoy these thoughts!

We also talk about "Problem Units" such as Haramaki Fireteams with multiple missile launchers, Fireteam Duo, D-Charges, Order Count, and going first in games now that HSN3 is here.  There's also some talk about Blood in the Sun, JSA, and a few pieces of listener feedback.


  • 00:02:07 - Intros
  • 00:04:30 - News
  • 00:25:40 - Umbra Samaritans, and OnyxChat
  • 00:40:41 - Haramaki and "problem units", and Sean makes a fool out of himself
  • 00:58:42 - Hackers, Killer Hackers, and No Hackers
  • 01:13:37 - Remote Presence public service announcement about airplanes
  • 01:15:20 - Combined Army lacks killer hacking devices?! / And some more OnyxChat
  • 01:25:50 - Fireteam Duo is awesome!  So are D-Charges as close combat weapons!
  • 01:32:25 - Order count
  • 01:52:00 - Going first!
  • 02:08:00 - Listener Feedback
  • 02:18:34 - Blood in the Sun and apparently some JSA musings


May 17, 2016

Greg was running late to our EP11 recording, so Sean and Joel sat down to talk on a topic near and dear to their hearts: The Morat Aggression Force!

Morats have been the subject of much malign since the pre-and-subsequent-release of HSN3 and frankly, Joel and Sean just don't see it!  Since Joel has recently picked up some Morats to carry the torch at Blood in the Sun, we felt this lack of our Triad/Haris Fireteam would be a great opportunity to muse on the changes to Morats, and what Joel has come to like about the Sectorial since diving in a few weeks ago.

The intro music is KMFDMs "URBAN MONKEY WARFARE" and the outtro is KMFDMs "STURM & DRANG".

May 2, 2016

Welcome to a purple laden episode 10!

Hot on the heels of the Twinfinity Open 2016, we spend most of our time talking about it!  It came off as a pretty great success so we engage in a lot of conversation about the event itself: Sean from the TO's perspective, and Greg and Joel from that of the players.  We also discuss, in sort of vague terms, our plans of expansion for next years event.

We move on to talk a little more about HSN3, now that we've had some time to really digest it.  Joel also asks what we think on the subject of Courtesy Lists where it relates to Holoprojector, and we discuss that.  Please keep in mind that we recorded this two days before Army 6 courtesy lists became "Holoprojector Friendly", so yes we know that some of what we say about this topic is now invalid.  However I left it in the episode because some of Greg's points are still perfectly valid.


We field a quick listener email from the Madison, WI community and call it a wrap.


  • 00:00:00 Joel tells a funny story.  Bear with it, it's pretty funny.
  • 00:01:36 New intro song funk times
  • 00:02:58 Explanation of why Sean "did that"
  • 00:04:24 Introduction and overview
  • 00:06:42 Maghariba Guard/TAG chat
  • 00:15:00 Twinfinity Open 2016
  • 01:40:36 Funky break time
  • 01:47:30 HSN Meta Shakeups
  • 02:29:15 Holoprojector and Courtesy Lists
  • 02:38:50 Listener email
  • 02:44:09 Twinfinity sponsor thank you, and a review of Muse on Minis Infinity Token set
  • 02:59:31 Outtro Funk


Apr 8, 2016

HSN3 is here and in our hands!

I totally should have used the He-Man Audio in this one, but I wanted to get this one kicked out faster than usual.  To that end little to no editing has been done, though if you're curious, stick around past the closing music to hear a totally hilarious outtake.

Anyhow, despite none of us attending Adepticon this year, one of our local Hardcases by the name Ben managed to swing a few copies of the book for us(sorry to those who were actually there and could get a copy, I'm sure hearing us talk about it is no consolation).

Also keep in mind that at this point, we had the book in our possession for roughly 24 hours, and Joel did not have it at all.  This is 100% stream of consciousness style discussion as we make our way through the sections of the book and talk about the things that jump out at us.  We will follow up with more coherent thoughts in time, as we've had longer to absorb the content.

I'm not even going to write up timestamps for this episode, because we talk a little about the new model releases, and then spend the majority of this episode moving our way through the book.

Hope you enjoy, and if you've got questions about the book that you would like answered please feel free to reach out to us via the below methods!


Mar 29, 2016

EP8 back again.  Check its records, let's begin.

Apologies for the delay in content, but we here at the Remote Presence headquarters had a case of the plague(and I don't mean the hacker) hit us, which coupled with a few cases of "work travel".

Anyhow, we are back and healthy again!

Today in our offering we more or less play catch-up over the last few weeks.  There have been a number of new releases including new profiles to examine, such as Hector and the Su Jian.  Additionally, we talk a little about ITS 2016 and Operation Flamestrike, and to that effect Sean goes into both the 2016 Practice Tournament that he ran as well as his "on the road" Flamestrike mission while he was in Milwaukee.

Greg expands a little into why he enjoys Hacking so much and we have two pieces of listener email: one asking us to elaborate on how we like to use both smoke and mines.  We also receive a bit of Pa-NO propaganda straight out of Flamia Island!

Sorry about the lack of timestamps today, and how suddenly this episode ends.  We had a case of "Hassassin Bharam Tangent" that I decided to cut out and release on its own, as sort of an "After Hours" sort of thing.  That will be out very shortly.


Mar 11, 2016


Part 3 of our ongoing "Live @ WaaaghPaca 2016" recordings!  The last part.

So, apparently some of you have been waiting for this.  I hit the forums tonight to see at least two or three posts from people wondering where it was.  Some editing has occurred: conversations were removed about prostitution and the mortality of our fathers, and I dearly hope that I got all of it.

In this one we invite Jon back into the room and talk about the Narrative Event, Soft Scores, and a bunch of other crap that I've honestly forgotten about now.  My voice was completely destroyed by the time that we got around to this.

Mar 2, 2016

It only took seven episodes, but here we are talking about hacking!

There weren't really any new releases to speak of, so the news segment is pretty cut and short.  We spend the vast majority of our time this cast going over hacking: do's, don'ts, and "maybe?"s

We begin with some thoughts and overview and move into a rundown of programs by Device type(Hacking Device, Plus, Assault, Defensive).  We then go into talk about synergies that make Hacking very useful: mostly Repeaters and Remotes.  Finally, for those of you who are still fairly new to the game and find yourself intimidated by hacking, Joel came up with a little homework assignment to hopefully help work you into the N3 hacking system.

After a short break we go into three listener emails: the first centered around the "Gotchya meta", the second about what to do when confronted in slow-play situations, and lastly Greg gives some insight on the Imperial Service Sectorial.


  • 00:01:40 Intros
  • 00:04:20 News.  Sorta...
  • 00:10:30 Hacking introduction
  • 00:24:45 Hacking devices and programs
  • 01:31:20 Talking about repeaters...
  • 01:47:30 Here is your homework assignment(intro to hacking)
  • 02:02:21 Break 1
  • 02:02:40 Listener emails


Feb 16, 2016

Remote Presence, an Infinity Podcast.  Episode 6!

In todays episode we talk about the news surrounding ITS 2016 including the Prize Pack and what we know(or think we know) about the 2016 missions.  Disclaimer: we don't really know anything about that!  We also discuss the new model releases shown in February.

Then we dive into a discussion fueled by our attendance at WaaaghPaca 2016.  Instead of talking about the events themselves(which we did a lot of in the released After Hours episodes) we instead talk about a lot of the things that we noticed players doing during their games.  Since the vast majority of the players were still fairly new to the game, we offer our insight on why some of these things appear as either good or bad to us, and what we would offer to improve upon those that we see as bad.

We also talk about the upcoming Twinfinity Open 2016 ITS Tournament!

Finally, we discuss a pair of listener emails.


  • 00:00:45 Intros
  • 00:04:00 ITS 2016 Discussion
  • 00:19:15 New Release Discussion
  • 01:00:50 Break 1
  • 01:01:20 WaaaghPaca ITS/Narrative Discussion and gameplay observations
  • 02:22:04 Twinfinity Open 2016 Discussion
  • 02:29:44 Listener Emails


Feb 8, 2016


Part 2 of our ongoing "Live @ WaaaghPaca 2016" recordings!

Here we invite Jon and Danno to the room for a drink and a discussion on "Soft Scores" in Infinity(Hobby, Paint, and Sportsmanship).  Jon and Danno were judging paint all weekend long for all of the various events, so we thought these would be the right guys to talk to and it helps that they're playing Infinity too!

As always, this is After Hours and was recorded on very little sleep in a hotel room while fairly intoxicated, so the audio quality isn't going to be as good as our usual episodes.  If you think it should be better, then "that just like, your opinion, man."

Feb 5, 2016

While spending the weekend at WaaaghPaca 2016 playing in a number of different Infinity events, the Regulars brought all of the podcast gear out and set it up in their hotel room!  We recorded three total installments, and here is the first!

In Part 1 Sean, Greg, and Joel sit down for about 75 minutes with a number of folks who played in the four round Infinity ITS Tournament at WaaaghPaca 2016: Alex, Brian, another Brian, and Luke.  We talk about the event itself, our lists, our games, and a lot of general screwing about.

As always, this is After Hours and was recorded on very little sleep in a hotel room while fairly intoxicated, so the audio quality isn't going to be as good as our usual episodes.  If you think it should be better, then "that just like, your opinion, man."

Feb 4, 2016

Remote Presence, an Infinity Podcast.  Episode 5!

Today the Regulars discuss their plans for the upcoming ITS and Narrative events at WaaaghPaca 2016, and as a result of such plans, go into some discussion on Heavy Infantry and more specifically, Heavy Infantry Fireteams!  

We also spend some time talking about tournament preparation and how to approach your games at a tournament: what to bring with you, how to approach both wins and losses, and how to pace your day so that you walk away from the event with the best possible feeling down in the cockles of your heart.

Finally, Joel gets a little long winded replying to a listener request about Corregidor and it's units.


  • 00:02:00 - New Terrain releases
  • 00:16:35 - Let's talk about WaaaghPaca 2016
  • 00:19:30 - Now let's talk about Heavy Infantry Pain Trains
  • 00:53:05 - And then we talk about the WaaaghPaca Narrative game
  • 01:02:30 - Let's get another drink and take a break
  • 01:03:10 - Tournament Prep discussion
  • 01:55:10 - Listener feedback discussion on Corregidor

Our Heavy Infantry Lists:


Jan 25, 2016

Remote Presence After Hours is our version of Bonus Content.  It is recorded after our main podcast, has no set topics or even outline to follow, and is largely unedited.  Also, by the time we get around to recording this, we've had a few drinks and are probably drinking more during the episode, so things aren't perfect.

That said, it will include freeform wandering discussion about topics relating to, or mostly relating to Infinity.  Sometimes you'll get to hear us make fun of ourselves.  Finally, it won't be a guaranteed thing but we'll try to offer one per month.

This After Hours episode is just under 40 minutes long, and in it Joel asks Greg and Sean about some of their deepest, darkest Infinity desires.  It's hot, steamy, explicit, and involves heavy powered armor...

Jan 25, 2016

Hey fans!  Carlos from Corvus Belli reached out to us last week with some information about the annual Interplanetary Tournament for 2016!

For those unfamiliar with the event, this is essentially the Super Bowl or Wrestlemania of Infinity events!  Held each year in Vigo, Spain by the staff of Corvus Belli themselves!  We recorded a short bit with some of the information provided to us last week, and more information was provided to us just this morning which I will go into here!  All of this information can be found in the PDF File linked below!

  • The event will be held in Vigo, Spain in the Estación Maritima
  • It will take place the weekend of August 26th through the 28th, 2016
  • The tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday
    • 100 Participants are welcome
    • Mid Tier: 300 Points 6 SWC with 12 XP Spec Ops
    • Two List Format, same Army or Sectorial
    • Missions: Annihilation, Frontline, Barrage(new mission), Rescue(new mission), and a fifth that isn't mentioned.
    • Each game will be 1 Hour and 50 Minutes
  • Entry Price is 15€ 
  • There will be 60 spots reserved for Spanish players, and 40 spots reserved for International players.
  • Sign up will begin on February 29th 2016, at 15:00 Spanish Time(CET.  UTC/GMT +1).  If there are unclaimed Spanish reserved spots at 23:59 later that day, those spots will be opened to International players.

Interplanetary 2016 also debuts the first "WARCROW" painting competition!  There will be a jury of renowned painters, special prizes, and "patronage from the best brands", as well as trophies known as "Crows".

  • Categories
    • Small individual miniatures
    • Big individual miniatures(40mm or bigger base + dioramas)
    • Platoon(group of at least 3 miniatures from the same army)
    • Specialist Crow: All participants paint the same miniature and have their work judged against the others.  This years Specialist Crow model is of course, Achilles V2(either the Commercial or 10th Anniversary version)
  • Entry Fee is 8 Euros

Other activities include:

  • Fast Painting Contest: Free to enter.  Miniatures, brush, and paint are included.
  • Cosplay Contest: Held on August 29th with prize information to be released in the future
  • "Be Bostria for a day":  Have you ever wanted to go crazy in determining the color scheme to be used for a figure?  Now you can!
  • Painting classes run by the one and only Ángel Giráldez 
  • Roundtable discussions and signings
  • "What time is it?  IT'S BOSTRIA TIME!" Bostria's annual panel about news and developments within Infinity.
  •  Ángel Giráldez panel
  • Trivia, Gymkhana, and a studio Infinity miniature display
  • Open games of the upcoming Infinity RPG



Jan 20, 2016

Episode 4, and we're on a roll!

Today we start off talking a little about the Tohaa, and about the fluff surrounding this mysterious race of "friends" to the Human Sphere.  We talk at great length about the new releases, but most of that conversation revolves around the Kerail Preceptors and Symbiobeasts and Achilles 2.0(ACHILLES HARDER!)

We then move into talking about the various types of Remotes.  What they are, how they're classified, strengths and weaknesses of each, and finally give some hints on how to use some of both the more and least popular types.  Sean goes out on a limb and creates a Combined Army list that focuses on Remotes, and can be downloaded in PDF form on the Remote Presence website.

List downloads:


  • 00:01:24 - Introduction and Hobby Talk
  • 00:09:15 - Talking some Tohaa, and Tohaa Fluff
  • 00:24:15 - New releases(mostly the Kerail and Achilles)
  • 01:00:43 - Let's talk about REMotes!
  • 01:57:13 - Sean makes a list, and learns something in the process


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