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Remote Presence is a podcast featuring commentary and insight regarding Infinity The Game and the Infinity Tournament System, as well as the local growing Twin Cities and Midwest Meta.
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Dec 12, 2017

We've been Immobilized for some time, but we finally made our reset roll!

In this episode (recorded about a month or so ago) Joel talks a bit about Iowa Incident before we get into discussing a bunch of random stuff.

Oct 16, 2017

After some technical difficulties with recording, Greg and Joel return with a shorter than usual episode. We discuss the Cube Jager, Bit and Kiss with their new home of CA, single combat group lists, and some other random riff raff. There is still a small amount of background noise (which we're working on, I promise) but it shouldn't be that noticeable. 

Sep 18, 2017

This episode, we go over our initial reactions to the changes in Season 9 of ITS. We also talk a bit about piece trading, irregular orders, and try something new and go over the deployment and first turn of one of our recent games. Basil (Joel's dog) also gets in on the conversation a little. 

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Show Notes:

Renegade Open

Iowa Incident Mk4

Baltimore Brawl

Arizona Armageddon 

Aug 24, 2017

Joel and Greg get back in the saddle after our Triad becomes a Duo with the loss of Sean. We discuss some game theory and tactics as well as some stuff from the Gencon and Interplanetary seminars as well as chat about the future of the cast. 



Renegade Open

Limited Insertion Podcast

White Noise Podcast

Jun 23, 2017

No real show notes breakdown today folks!

Joel is away in Europe, something about a foot massage for his wife and then he was gone!  Twinfinity is in the books and was an amazing experience, apparently both for people who played in it as well as for Sean.

Today we invite our friend Tor Swanson into "the studio"(now that it's not full of Twinfinity stuff) to talk about his Twinfinity experience with Sean and Greg.  We also spend quite some time talking about a number of our great sponsors, as well as about the event from Sean's perspective.  

I'm sure that we will revisit this topic upon Joel's triumphant return, assuming Trump lets him back into the country.


May 4, 2017

This one got caught up halfway through the editing process, because Sean is incredibly busy with life, work, getting ready for his brothers wedding, and Twinfinity(which is in one month!).

To that end, I'm not going to give a notes rundown for this episode, because I just want to get it published!

Topics covered:

  • Twinfinity 2017 Selling out!
  • Joel and Greg taking over responsibilities for Infinity at The Renegade Open 2017
  • Gutier Meme Contest
  • Some final thoughts on Adepticon
  • "Affinity and Bane" models
  • Joel wraps up on his Tohaa love, and how to deal with Tohaa
  • Warning: LOTS OF MORAT CHAT!!!
  • "Smoke Dodge": Don't do that shit, ok?
  • Impact Template nuances
  • Listener email from Erich about recognizing your own self development as a player



Mar 26, 2017

First we took him out, wooed and plied him with sushi and alcohol in the way that a true suitor should.  Then, once he was nice and lacking in personal boundries and faculties, we got him to agree to sit in front of a microphone with us!


In this very special episode of Remote Presence, we are joined by two very special guests:

  • Carlos "Bostria" Llauger Lorenzo
  • James Chauvaux of the Lhost podcast

We get to talking about quite a bit of things.  We ask Carlos about his role at Corvus Belli, and his history within the company.  We ask about the process that goes into the creation of new units for Infinity: The Game.  We expand upon the role that data collection plays in helping game manufacturers shape their game and releases.  

We absolutely do not talk about release dates, new units or sectorials, or anything like that.  Our goal in this conversation was to focus on the company and game that we love, and to try to glean some insight into its dark inner workings.

Thank you again to James for sitting down and filling in for our beloved, missing Greg and an even larger thank you to Bostria, both for taking the time to hang out with us fanboys and just generally being a truly fantastic guy, and friend of the show!

Mar 24, 2017

WARNING: We get kind of crass, explicit, and downright rude in this podcast.

Would you like to know what happens when four Infinity podcasters from three different Infinity podcasts all come together at a convention, consume adult beverages, and record the ensuing madness?

How about if we add in special guest painters and Warcors?  What about if we also give you a live studio audience?

SHEER MADNESS!!!  This is Part One of our ongoing series: "Infinity @ Adepticon: The darkness stares into you"


Dramatis Personae:

  • Sean Poeschl, Remote Presence
  • Joel Vaughan, Remote Presence
  • Tom Schadle, Mayacast
  • James Chauvaux, Lhost
  • Angelina Curka, RiotGrrl Painting
  • Tommy Back, Studio Ultramega Painting
  • William Thompson, Iowa Warcor
  • Live studio audience: 
    • Jay and Sam from
    • Tim Toolen
    • Nestor Medina
    • I know I am forgetting someone...

We will be back later with Part 2, which includes what I suppose you could call "an interview" with Jay from

Feb 16, 2017

Remote Presence back again with Episode #22: Post 'Paca Ruminations!  Joel and Sean spent a weekend out in Waupaca, WI at "WaaaghPaca!" 2017 playing in and running Infinity Events, and they're here to talk about the weekend!

In addition we talk about:

  • Twinfinity Sponsor: Impudent Mortal
  • Being a victim of your own success in Infinity
  • Local "meta shifts" in the Twin Cities
  • Some list help for Bubbles(Yu Jing)
  • A starting Corregidor list request for Roder
  • Listener Emails
  • Infinity Harbour dot com



Jan 25, 2017


Here is Remote Presence Episode 21: All about the ALIVE Anti Establishment Group and various other ITS Document updates!  Here's a brief rundown of our topics at hand!

  • A little rules lawyering...
  • ITS Season 8 Document Changes
  • ALIVE Anti Establishment Group
  • Little more pre-paca talk...
  • "It's partially your list... and how you play it."
  • We hit three listener emails




Jan 19, 2017

It looks like someone left the TeamPro software on over here, because today we're coming at you with an overdue Fireteam Duo featuring Joel and Sean(Don't worry, Greg isn't dead.  He's just uploading into a new Lhost!)

Today we cover a few topics, both in the realm of player behavior as well as some mighty fine strategery!  To sum it up:

  • We have an introductory discussion!
  • Some talk about Twinfinity 2017
  • Twinfinity 2017 Sponsor Profile: Systema Gaming
  • Is Infinity "too complicated"?
  • Player value systems or "What do different players get out of gaming?"
  • Infinity life lessons
  • WaaaghPaca 2017 Talk
    • ITS Achievement Event Missions
    • Narrative event talk